Hi saw “ANNIYAN” during the weekend. What should I say about the movie… let me try to put the best things in the movie.

Music, picturisation, Vikram’s acting, Prakashraj’s acting and few places, Satha.

About songs, Shankar has always had a penchant for grandeur, which is reflected in the locations and some of the sets, the painting of a whole bridge, designs on the roads were unwanted, just my thoughts.I liked three songs, best was Iyengar veetu azhagae.

Are there anymore to add, no 100% no.

Now about the story.. is there a story there? yea, to some extent, maybe for people who don’t read Sydney Sheldon’s and does not watch lot of english movies.

About the various scenes in the movie, I should say it is a salad of many hollywood’s productions, surely an unexpected act from Shankar, director of Gentleman, Boys, really unbeleivable..

Some of my observations:
I felt some of the scenes has already been seen in hollywood’s movies.

Story Concept from Sydney Sheldon’s book.
Scenes from,
Matrix reloaded.
Kiss of the dragon.
A Richard Gere’s movie (I Don’t remember the name).
Little of Gentleman.
A few I remember.

Verdict: Not worth seeing the movie by getting tickets out of counter.
But there are few scenes worth seeing in the movie so watch this movie at your leisure and plzzz do not hurry.