Iyengar veetu azhagi

While we were all discussing about what anniyan was all about, a remake of hollywood movies, sydney sheldon’s story.. and blah, blah, blah.. Anniyan has created a record.

Read on.

New box-office record has been created at Chennai box-office for weekend (June 17-19) with Anniyan grossing a whopping Rs 50,24,063 from six big theatres (Sathyam, Albert, Sangam, Padmam, Maharani, Kasi). From Sathyam Cinemas alone (14 shows at Sathyam, and two additional morning shows at Santham, Subham and Sree on Sat & Sun) Anniyan has grossed an unbelievable Rs 14, 07,870 from a single multiplex in South India for a weekend!

Sathyam Cinemas- Rs 14, 07,870

Albert- Rs 10,49,944

Sangam- Rs 7,51,884

Padmam- Rs 3,98,592

Maharani- Rs 6,28,995

Kasi- Rs 7,86,778

Total Gross-Rs 50,24,063.