Two powerful bomb blasts have rocked the Indian city of Bombay within minutes of each other, killing at least 44 people and injuring nearly 150.

The two bombs, planted in taxis, went off during the lunchtime period.

One exploded at the Gateway of India, the city’s top tourist attraction.

Witnesses said the blast left trails of blood in front of the Gateway, a colonial arch built next to the sea and one of India’s most famous landmarks.

The taxi containing the bomb was parked outside the Taj Mahal Hotel, one of the city’s oldest luxury hotels, where windows were shattered and cars damaged.

The force of the explosion is reported to have thrown several people into the sea.


There were scenes of even worse carnage at the site of the second car bomb, in a busy jewellery market near the Mumba Devi temple in central Bombay.

The bomb exploded in front of a multi-storied building containing shops on the ground floor and flats above.

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