Top 10 Flirting Gestures

Ever wonder whether someone’s flirting with you, or just brushing the hair out of their eyes? Think you might have missed a chance with Mr. or Ms. Right because you didn’t read his signals correctly?

Here are the top 10 flirting gestures, so you never have to wonder again. Feel free to add your own to the list in the comments below.

1) Eyebrow Flash: An exaggerated raising of both eyebrows for a couple of seconds, followed by a rapid lowering to normal position. The eyebrow flash is often combined with a smile and some eye contact.

2) Lip Lick: This is a very common flirting technique. Some people use a single-lip lick, wetting only their upper or lower lip, while others run their tongue around the entire lip area.

3) Short Darting Glance: These glances usually come in bouts, with an average of three glances per episode.

4) Hair Flip: Simply pushing one’s fingers through the hair, in one movement or in a stroking motion, can mean business.

5) Coy Smile: A sort of half-smile, showing little if any tooth, combined with a downward gaze or very brief eye contact.

6) Whisper: When someone leans over and speaks into a friend’s ear while looking at you, it’s a sure sign.

7) Primp: A person who pats or smooths his or her clothing, even if there’s no need, can well be trying to get your attention.

8) Skirt Hike: When a woman pulls up her hem to expose a little more leg, she’s definitely interested.

9) Object Caress: Fondling keys, sliding hands up and down a glass, playing with toys or other things on the table or bar are all attention-getters.

10) Solitary Dance: When while seated, a person moves in time to the music while looking your way, it’s time for you to get up and ask for a dance.