1. Not using a professional e-mail address.
2. Jumping into the fire without your fireproof undies.
3. Not checking your appearance in the mirror before walking into an interview.
4. Falling into the ‘black hole.’
5. Being forgetful.
6. Going to networking events — but not really networking.
7. Omitting a signature block in your e-mail.
8. Casting your net too widely.
9. Not paying attention.
10. Overlooking the interviewing “gimme” questions.
11. Not joining your local Chamber of Commerce.
12. Having grammar or spelling errors on your résumé or cover letter.
13. Not being mindful of your social media presence.
14. Trying to turn an informational interview into a job interview.
15. Not having a LinkedIn profile.
16. Failing to research the company.
17. Not following up after applying for a job.
18. Neglecting to follow up after an interview.
19. Failing to ask questions at the interview.
20. Relying on a single job-hunt strategy.

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